Heart n Sole



The socks we purchase begin as clean, bright, unified pairs, but they don’t always stay that way. Rounding up socks is not on top of everyone’s to-do list, as a result, individual socks get lost and separated. As we go on with our daily lives, many of us hold on these unmatched socks. As they sit in the bottom of our drawer or laundry the weeks pass as we hope they will sometime soon be reunited.
Let us remember and pay tribute to all of the socks we have lost. Whether they’re under your bed, out of reach behind a washing machine, or have been snatched by gremlins (or maybe lint is actually the remains of socks that weren't tough enough to sustain the high heat of the dryer). Lost Sock Memorial Day is an opportunity to make one last search for missing socks. After you have searched all of the pockets of your gym bag, and have given up the hunt think about think about memories you’ve had with them.

The dusty trails where they have protected your feet from the seems of your shoes, The dirt marks that your sock forms showing you how well they helped, the "Runners Tan line" that you can't seem to get rid of., The protection they provide helping to keep your feet Cool on hot days and Warm on those wet/cold days.

But don't just toss them out!
Show them off and let them help you one more time!

Bring them to Heart and Sole
May 1-30th
add them to our Lost Sock clothesline and receive
$5 off
a pair of socks.

(bring as many lost socks in as you wish but only 1 $5 discount per person per day will be allowed)



Buy 3 get 1 Free
May 5-21