Heart n Sole Santa Rosa, CA

Heart And Sole Sports
Fun Run Routes
Doyal Park Routes

Interactive Map

    Heart & Sole - 2.0 to 4.1 miles
    3 Routes

  • Doyal Park loops
  • Start at Heart & Sole Sports
    Out the Door and cross 4th street (Heading South) on Brookwood
    RIGHT Sonoma Ave.
    LEFT onto Path at Luther Burbank Gardens, Just before Santa Rosa Ave.
    PASS the Fountain and continue on Tupper Ave
    RIGHT South E Street
    LEFT Vallejo Ave
       [FOR 2.0 miles] LEFT Brookwood Ave.
       [FOR 3.1 miles] LEFT Parking lot across from School
            Cross Bridge
            Enter Doyal Park
            LEFT on paved path
            PIGHT on road
            exit park
            continue down Doyal Park dr.
       [FOR 4.1 miles] LEFT Farmers Lane

    LEFT Sonoma Ave
    RIGHT Brookwood Ave
    FINISH at Heart & Sole Sports

Directions to the Start

  • NONE
  • Runs Start from the store

  • Doyal Park loops

    -Flat Routes
    -Residental & Commercial Streets
    -First 1.3 miles are the same for all routes

    4.1 miles   (Most popular of these options)
    3.1 miles   ("Shortcut" through Doyal Park, can be dark at night.)
    2.0 miles   (only 4 turns)