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Saucony/Heart and Sole Redwood Empire Runners of the Week!


Runner of the Week!


In an effort to recognize the hard work and achievements of the cross country runners throughout the Redwood Empire,
we have joined with Saucony for the Redwood Empire Runner of the Week award!
Each week, one boy and one girl will be awarded a custom silk-screened tech shirt in recognition of that week's accomplishments.
Stay tuned here and on our Facebook page for the winners each week


Carson Kimball, Mara Carrillo, Senior

Carson Kimball

This was Kimball’s first time competing at the CIF state cross country meet. He placed top fifty in his race and completed the course in 16:01. As a senior he was also the first runner across the finish line for his team. Kimball was also the third fastest empire runner to compete at the state meet this season.

Cecilia Avelar, Mara Carrillo, Senior

Cecilia Avelar

Avelar ran for her fourth consecutive time at the CIF state cross country meet. She lead Carrillo first runner for her team to cross the finish line. She completed the course under 20 minutes in a time of 19:36. Out of all 4 state meets on the same course this was here fastest time!


Jordan Scobey, Maria Carrillo, Senior


Scobey had a standout race at the North Cost Section cross country meet. Scobey placed eighth overall. As one of the top empire athletes he completed the course in 15:41 and lead his team to the NCS division two Championships

Madison Parratt, Petaluma, Senior


Parratt had a very strong race at the North Cost Section cross country meet. She placed thirteenth overall in the Division three race. She was one of the tip empire runners and finished her 3 mile course in 18:39 and just missed an individual berth by 4 seconds!

Press Democrat article

Lucas Chung, Windsor, Freshman

Lucas Chung

Chung placed eighth overall at the NBL league finals on the spring lake cross country course. He completed the 3.05 mile course in 16:12, putting him 9th on the Freshmen all time list for that course. Spring lakes cross country course is a very well know course and used as a benchmark for athletes. As one of the fastest freshmen to run the course Chung was also the first person from his team to cross the finish line.

Aimee Armstrong, Maria Carrillo, Freshman

Aimee Armstrong

Armstrong was the third athlete from her team to cross the finish line at the NBL league finals on the spring lake cross country course. She placed seventh overall in 18:58.With that race she is now fifteenth freshmen all time for the spring lake course. As well her excellent performance helped her team win overall as league champions.

Press Democrat article

Travis Claeys, Sonoma Valley, Senior

Travis Claeys

On Spring Lakes Course Claey edged out 2 other competators to finish in Second place at the SCL league finals, of note is Claeys time placed him as on of the fastest times for all of the league races over the last week.

Amy Stanfield, Sonoma Valley, Sophomore

Amy Stanfield

Stanfield had a very impressive race at the SCL league final cross country meet. Placing third overall in a time of 18:47. Amy lead Sonoma Valley HS to a team victory.


Kheva Mann, Sonoma Academy, Sophomore

Matt Salazar

Mann have an impressive race at the CMC league championshipcross country meet. The meet was held at the 3.05 mile spring lake cross country course. Mann won the race in a time of 16:06. Along with his first place league tittle, Mann is now 5th all-time CMC runner to run the spring lake course.

IrisBerto, Technology High School, Sophomore


Berto ran very well at the CMC league finalcross country meet. She placed third overall, and was the first runner from her team to finish. She completed the 3.05 mile course in 19:50. This was an impressive performance from Berto concluding league meets, as she advances to post league races.

Week Nine

Wes Methum, Rincon Valley Christian, Junior

Wes Methum

Methum had an impressive race at the CMC league meet on October 29th. He was first as he crossed the finish line at the 3.05 mile spring lake cross country course. Methum completed the course in 16:12 putting him 7th All-Time cmc on that course.

Rylee Bowen, Sonoma Academy, Sophomore

Rylee Bowen

Bowen had two impressive races. She got first place at the spring lake CMC league meet on October 29th. Bowen completed the course in 18:06, placing her on the all time sophomore list for the course. As well she won the Yoshanny Rahm Invt. She completed the 3.1 mile course in 19:16. with second place over a minute behind her.

Week Eight

Ben Lawson, Maria Carrillo, Sophomore

Ben Lawson

Ben was the first Maria Carrillo runner at the race on Spring Lakes 3.05 mile course. Running a very strong Race Ben ran 16:29 placed him 4th amongst all of the NBL teams and first across the line for his team.

Emma Douch, Analy, Junior

Emma Douch

Douch ran 16:38 16:38 on her home course (2.65 miles) at Rangle Ranch Regional Park course in Sebastopol. Douch won the race by over 2 minutes and set a new course record.

Week Seven

Juan Vacerio, Rosland, University Prep., Senior


Wednesday Juan ran strong and finished 1st at a meet with 6 schools hosted by St. Helena who's course is located at the Pacific Union College campus. Vacerio also got a course record for his effort.

Noel Clark, Cardinal Newman, Junior

Noel Clark

Clark ran at the 32nd Mariner Invite., She had a very strong race in the 3 mile varsity event finishing in the top 20. As one of Cardinal Newman’s top athletes she completed the course in a time of 19:00 and helped her team to a 5 place finish.

Week Six

Matt Salazar, Casa Grande, Senior

Matt Salazar

Salazar placed first at the competitive Castro Valley Invite,Running a fast time of 16:17 over the challenging three mile course. Earlier that week he competed at a local spring lake league meet completing the three mile course in 16:06.

Kasey Braun, Cardinal Newman, Sophomore

Kasey Braun

Braun had another great race, this time at one of the spring lake league meets. She completed the three mile course in 19:04. This will put her as one of the top NBL athletes to watch for at the league championship meet, and in following races.

Week Five

Robert Swoboda, Ukiah, Junior

Robert Swoboda

Swoboda ran a time of 17:20 at the Clam Beach Invitational. This placed him 2nd overall in the Varsity boys race over the three mile sandy beach race. This is great race especially including the challenging race conditions.

Sydnie Rivas, Maria Carrillo, Sophomore

Sydnie Rivas15

Rivas finished her race as the top athlete of her team at the Woodbridge Cross Country Invitational. Finishing the course in 18:48 Woodbridge Cross Country Invitational. Not only was this a very good race for Rivas, but it shows her strength and contribution to her team.

Week Four

Luca Mazzanati, Santa Rosa, Junior

Luca Mazzanati

Mazzanati ran in the most competitive section at the Stanford Invitational, which is the seeded race. He completed the 5k course in a time of 15:43, being one of the fastest empire times of the day and placing him in the top 25 for the Redwood empires all time list. Mazzanati continues to improve as the season progresses as on of the top NBL runners.

Cynthia Rosales, Piner, Freshman

Cynthia Rosales

Rosales ran a time of 18:25 at the Stanford invitational. She had the second fastest empire time of the day behind previous Runner of the Week. More impressively placed her in the top 13 for the Redwood Empire on this course course since 2008. Showing yet another very impressive race for her freshmen year.

Week Three

Caleb Richards, Sonoma Academy, Senior

Caleb Richards

Richards had a very good race at the spring lake 9/16 Interlock meet. ,Interlock meet. He ran an impressive time of 16:14 for the 5k course placing first. He then came back that weekend to run another strong race at the Viking invite finishing 3 in the Senior Race.

McKenna Sell, Sonoma Academy, Sophomore

McKenna Sell

Sell ran very well for the past two meets. The first being the spring lake 9/16 Interlock meet, in a time of 18:52. McKenna then ran 12:22 at the Viking Invite Showing off two consistent and competitive races.

Week Two

Brian Schulz, El Molino, Junior

Brian Schulz

Schulz has been a strong runner for El Molino for the past two years. The beginning of this year shows this strength again as he won Super Septo, with a time of 16:20. Schulz will be another runner to look out for over the season.

Delaney White, Santa Rosa, Senior

Delaney White

White had two races to account for this week. One being a solid win at Super Septo on Wednesday in 19:07, while coming back on Saturday to run 12:04 placing 4th overall at the Ed Sias Invite two mile course.

Week One

Daniel Pride, Santa Rosa, Junior

Matt Salazar

Last year Pride ran a time of 15:54 at the rancho invite placing fourth. This year he improved to a time of 15:18 placing himself first. This is a great debut race for pride setting himself up for what could be a very impressive season.

Adria Barich, Casa Grande, Senior

Matt Salazar

Barich had an impressive debut season race winning the rancho invite in a time of 18:47 seconds. This was an improvement from last years race in a time of 19:38. This puts her as a top NBL runner and is defiantly someone to watch for in the upcoming races.


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